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Objective: To develop and promote knowledge of our farm staff in swine production.

A little bit of history:  After soooo  many hours of searching and researching  from website to website, special thanks to PCCARD and BHORS websites, we started the experimental venture by building a pig pen in May2007 and in July2007 purchased a gilt (Landrace x Yorkshire x Duroc) from Senorita Farm, Darong, Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur through the help of Marlo Yap.

 Then in Sep2007, we bought 10 piglets from a nearby farm, raised them and in Jan2008 sold nine (9) finishers (1 casualty na heart attack daw kasi nag-away sila! ).

 As expected in the first year, we experienced the ups and downs of our so-called venture, the ups of the feeds prices and the downs of the finishers selling price and of course the bottom line figures were in red.

In May 2008, the gilt became a sow with 7 alive piglets (10 less 3 casualties).

We have decided to raise the piglets and sell later, hoping reasonable ang live weight prices when the time comes ... sana, oh dear! crossed fingers.

So far, we are still in line with our project study. Sana maganda ang resulta this year, thinking positively... and with God's blessings hoping to move on to the desired level of sows, as soon as possible....

We are encouraging farm staff to attend seminars to augment their knowledge. 

Next project.... Baboyang walang amoy as highly promoted by Ka Conrado Antonio of Farm_ni_Fed in Paniqui, Tarlac. We're hoping that this system will be a success in our place. In the meantime, we still have to iron out some technical wrinkles and distractors  hovering and lurking, rebuke..rebuke!


Recent posing of our herd ...

Our 1st sow... 


    Born on Feb 19, 2009 - 8 litters




Baboyang walang amoy by Ka Conrado Antonio


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